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How to brew at home: Kalita Wave

November 18 2020


matthew - July 19 2021

Wait till 1:45 to add 120 grams of water and then 15 seconds later add the rest at 2 minutes? It seems like after that 2nd pour there’s barely any time for draw down. Am I reading it incorrectly?

LEM - March 26 2021

@Tommy G — coffee enthusiasts across the board use metric system to describe their recipes. Check reddit, and various other websites devoted to coffee. You will never see anyone talking about ounces or fluid ounces. A quick and rough calculation you can do in you head to convert fluid ounces to millilitres (or grams) is to multiple by 30. For example, if I want a 4 fluid ounce cup of coffee: 30 * 4 = 120g.

Tommy G - November 23 2020

I know I can convert grams of water by looking it up but why is everything in grams? It would be so much quicker if you also said ounces of water and in the coffee,tablespoons and ounces. The majority of people would like both explanations.

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