Streetlevel Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee

Clementine · Red Apple · Honeycomb


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Introducing Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee! Our Craft Instant Coffee just got bigger by now offering up to 25 mugs of delicious coffee in each pouch. Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee is ideal for craft coffee drinkers who seek flexibility in serving size and strength. It’s also great for a batch brew for the crew, baking, cooking (coffee rub, anyone?), and quick home or office pick-me-ups. Go big.

Add one teaspoon of Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee into your mug along with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), stir, and drink up. Please re-seal to keep moisture out and to help preserve shelf life.

- Flexibility on serving size and strength
- Makes around 25 cups of coffee
- 4.4 oz Pouch
- Resealable
- $68 Value

Our flagship blend, Streetlevel is built for balance and approachability. Streetlevel's profile of Guatemalan, Colombian, and Honduran coffees serve to anchor the blend and impart a complex sweetness, with notes of honeyed citrus and red apple. If we made a greatest hits tape, this would be the first track. 

  • Coffee Details

    Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia

    Tasting Notes

    Clementine, Red Apple, Honeycomb


    Various Smallholding Farmers




    1,500 - 2,000 Meters


    November - May

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Streetlevel Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee

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