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Streetlevel Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee
Dose & Brew Streetlevel Instant with cup of coffee.
Dose and brew on a kitchen table next to cook books.




Streetlevel Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee


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    Medium roast
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Craft Instant Coffee just got bigger! Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee is ideal for craft coffee drinkers who seek flexibility in serving size and strength. It’s great for quickly brewing large amounts of coffee, baking, cooking (coffee rub, anyone?), and quick home or office pick-me-ups. Brew up to 25 mugs of delicious Verve coffee in each pouch.



Our flagship blend, Streetlevel, is built for balance and approachability and is delicious with any brew method, including espresso. Streetlevel's profile of Guatemalan, Colombian and Honduran coffees anchors the blend and imparts a complex sweetness, with notes of honeyed citrus and red apple. This would be the first track if we made a greatest hits tape.


  • Makes around 25 cups of coffee
  • 4.4 ounces of craft instant coffee
  • Resealable Pouch
  • A $68 Value


Add one teaspoon of Dose & Brew Craft Instant Coffee with 10 ounces of hot or cold liquid (water, milk, or milk alternative), stir, and drink up

Verve Coffee Department


Each component, much like any track on a mixed tape, means something and adds something different. Streetlevel, our best track of Verve’s mixed tape, comprises three very different regions blended to make up a balanced blend.

Streetlevel is a coffee that can be brewed several ways and still be a classically sweet and balanced cup of coffee. It has a bit of citrus-like sweet clementine and red apple acidity. That transitions into a honeycomb finish, ending on a well-rounded note.

Coming from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras is a component gathered from Peña Blanca’s Beneficio San Vicente. This selection features coffees produced by smallholder farmers scattered about the fog-shrouded slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain. This brings a lot of citrus and herbaceous aromatics to the blend.

Alotenango is a large coffee-producing region and home to many smallholding farmers. One, in particular, is La Candelaria which is seated slightly south of Antigua on the western slopes of Volcan de Agua. The volcanic soil adds a richness specific to this region. It tastes and highlights red apple acidity in the blend.

Urrao is a beautiful landscape of a region. There are rolling hills, a balance of hot and cold temperatures for coffee cherries to mature, and the smallholder producers here grow some of the best region lots in the country.