Costa Rica

Montes de Oro

Lemon · Butterscotch · Balanced


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Creamy butterscotch is complemented by lively lemon in this balanced offering from the mountainous Tarrazu region.

  • Bean Details

    Emilio “Milo” & Laura Gamboa


    Costa Rica


    Ojo de Agua, Tarrazu


    Villa Sarchi




    1,700 - 1,900 Meters


    December - April

    Tasting Notes

    Lemon, Butterscotch, Balanced

  • Farmlevel Story


    Many hands play a role in coffee from its initial cultivation to the final brewed beverage. Part of what defines a high-quality specialty coffee is its composition of only the best, ripest coffee cherries and this is dependent on the humans who selectively pick them, and the efficacy of sorting before and after they’re milled. After a day of picking, pickers are paid based on the number of “cajuelas” (a measurement unit equal to 12.5 kilograms of coffee cherries) they’ve filled. After coffee is received and the pickers are paid, a truckload from a given farm - in this case, the Gamboa family’s “Carrizal” - is delivered to the respective mill. Here, coffee is accounted for by the “fanega” (another unit of measurement equal to 250 kilograms, or 20 cajuelas).

    Carrizal is one of the Gamboa family’s four Tarrazu farms and this lot comes to us from the tallest part of the farm, or “Carrizal Arriba”.

    Though the Gamboa family has been farming coffee since the 1800s, their Montes de Oro micro-mill has been in operation since just 2006. Today, Emilio “Milo” and his wife Laura Gamboa oversee all operations of the family’s four farms and mill. 

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