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Farmlevel Digest Vol. 2 | Panama (The Pioneers)

And we’re back, folks! Our second edition of the Farmlevel Digest, brings you even more film photos with essays to boot. The history and pioneering families of Boquete, gesha, and all that makes Boquete the Shangri-La of Central America, as seen through the lens (literally) of Verve Coffee.

What happens when French, Dutch, German, and American Panama Canal engineers never return home, and fall in love with Boquete, Panama? What would a farmer’s roll of expired color film from the 70s look like when shot in 2017? What is Gesha, anyways? Did Elida really run people off her farm with a pistol? What do pioneers in Panama and California have in common? How can an airport security “pat-down” take 20 minutes? Who is Don Pachi? How did the Petersons “break the internet” with their online auction?  

Answers to these questions and more coming your way Fall 2017.

The first 100 pre-orders will receive a photographic print from the digest.

Editor | Colby Barr

Images | Colby Barr, Parker Batterson, Amanda Juris, Ryan O’Donovan

Copy | Kristen Kovaletz

Design | Colony

Lab | Richard Photo Lab

Print | Hemlock Canada