Chemex Coffee Filters



What makes Chemex coffee filters so special? Besides their origami-esque design, these cone-shaped filters tout a 20-30% thicker paper than the competition, resulting in a more uniform coffee extraction. Each paper filter goes through an oxidizing cleansing bath followed by a series of hot water baths to ensure that the specialty fibers catch-all bitter elements, oils, and the finest grounds. No sediment and less oil mean a cleaner cup of pure coffee flavor. Lab-tested and guaranteed not to burst under the weight of the hot liquid during filtration or after brewing while lifting the spent filter and grounds out.


PRO TIP: Take your Chemex brewing to the next level by pre-wetting the filter. This will help rinse away any remaining paper fibers as well as warm the carafe. Make sure to empty the water before brewing coffee and always place the three folded leaves on the spout.


  • Made in the USA
  • 100 white paper filters per box
  • Pre-folded heavy-weight paper
  • Cone-shaped
  • Fits 6, 8, and 10 cup Chemex brewer

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Customer Reviews

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Chemex Coffee Filters

We have always used these filters for our Chemex but with the stay-at-home orders, we went through a lot of them! When it came time to replace them, they were mostly sold out online and in-store, or the store will charge a high shipping price. Verve offered the filters at retail prices, free shipping and it came in a couple of days. It worked out nicely and we didn't have to resort to desperate measures.

Ryan S.
When I Needed Chemex Filters Most Verve Was There

I was extremely glad to see that verve had gotten some Chemex filters. As soon as I was made aware of this I ordered them. The shipping was also very prompt.

Jeffery S.
Paper filters

Verve quickly fulfilled order and appears to have one of the lower prices on these filters for the Chemex. Coffee made with the filters is very good, but it can be difficult to distinguish between single origin coffees or varietals. I prefer the taste of coffee made with the Able Kone, which seems to let more of oils and unique flavors of a particular coffee come through (along with a small amount of the silt from the coffee grounds).

Alex R.
Reasonably Priced Chemex Filters Shipped Fast

Title says it all. Happy with the purchase and the filters, which make great coffee.

Conor M.
Fast and exactly what I wanted.

I drove through to every verve in Santa Cruz looking for some Chemex filters, but nobody had them, unfortunately. One of the stores gave me a handful from what they had in store to hold me over until they restocked online. Great people who provide great service work here.

Regular ol' Chemex Filters

Good price, fast shipping, no surprises... If you have a Chemex, you'll probably want to use these.

Ben C.

Chemex Coffee Filters

Sarah N.

Always love these filters! They can be hard to find and Verve always has them in stock and they ship quickly! Very grateful!

Gregory H.

Chemex Coffee Filters

Good filters

These are exactly what I was looking for for my 6 cup Chemex.