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La Salsa Gesha Farmlevel Reserve


  • Roast Level



    Light roast
  • Origins

Behind the cup

This stunning Gesha from Benjamin Paz's Cup of Excellence-winning farm, La Salsa, is an absolute delight. The cup is delicate and floral while maintaining structure and depth. Beautifully layered, this is one of those coffees you can analyze for hours.

An intense amount of care has gone into this lot, starting with hand-selecting the best Gesha seeds to plant. We are honored to have this coffee on our menu and to share the beauty of La Salsa with our customers.

Each coffee is roasted to order. Orders ship in 1-2 business days.


Farmlevel Story

Longtime Verve partner and friend Benjamin Paz runs the famous San Vicente mill in Honduras and is revered in the coffee community. When he originally planted his farm in 2018, he mixed different Gesha seeds he had collected–hence the name “La Salsa.” La Salsa grows varieties not typically found in Honduras: Gesha and SL-28, which each occupy 50% of the farm. His primary objectives were to produce delicious coffee for his friends and partners and win the prestigious Cup of Excellence–two goals he’s successfully met. 

Brewing Suggestions

All of our coffees can be brewed in various ways, designed for your perfect morning. These recipes are our favorite ways to highlight La Salsa. Your brewing adventure starts here.

Verve's Coffee Department


  • Coffee 15g
  • Grind Med/Fine
  • Water 240g
  • Ratio 1:16
  • Time 2:50


  • Coffee 16g
  • Grind Fine/Med
  • Water 210g
  • Ratio 1:13
  • Time 1:45

French Press

  • Coffee 25g
  • Grind Coarse
  • Water 375g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 4:15