Vancouver Swiss Water Decaf

Almond · Honey · Cola


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Vancouver Decaf is proof you don't need caffeine to enjoy the best coffees in the world. This decaf is rich in flavor with none of the caffeine. We directly source Colombian and Ugandan coffees and have them decaffeinated specifically for us. The Swiss Water® Process naturally removes caffeine while retaining the coffees' unique flavor characteristics. You can have it all!

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Colombia, Uganda

    Tasting Notes

    Almond, Honey, Cola


    Various Producers


    Swiss Water Processed


    1,400 - 1,500 Meters


    October - March

    Brew Method


    Brew Ratio


    Brew Recipe

    Coffee: 54 grams
    Water: 810 grams
    Brew Time: 4:00 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    Year-in, year-out, Vancouver Decaf seeks to deliver a dessert-like complexity made possible by a delicate balance of Ugandan and Colombian coffees.

    This decaf is rich in flavor, with none of the caffeine. We've chosen to decaffeinate our Vancouver decaf using the Swiss Water Process® in the interest of retaining the flavor profiles from our carefully sourced coffees.

    Both coffees undergo processing using water to remove caffeine without removing flavor. Once complete, they are blended back together to create the perfect decaffeinated blend. Proof you don't need caffeine to enjoy the best coffee in the world.

Never run out of coffee again.


Customer Reviews

Based on 205 reviews
Jason K.
Best decaf I've ever had

Just wanted to say that I'm absolutely loving my Verve decaf coffee. The bloom and taste are so good, I'm just blown away. Will definitely be buying again and highly recommend.

Betsy S.
Delicious Decaf, Quick Delivery

The Swiss water process makes a difference! This blend is delicious - chocolatey, nutty and warming - and without the caffeine jitters! I'll be ordering it again! And delivery was quick.

Decaf G.

I wake up every morning looking forward to a great cup of Verve coffee! You can't say that about most decaf.

Aw thank you so much! That means a lot.

Anmari K.
Highly recommended!

The coffee has a wonderful taste and aroma.

So good you won't care it's decaf

I used to think all coffee tasted the same... mediocre. But then I had Verve coffee one day and WOW, now all other coffee tastes like dirt. I don't know what they do to their beans, but it's PURE MAGIC. I honestly think the Vancouver blend is my true favorite, and I drink it because I love it - not even for the caffeine. So give it a whirl - you won't be wrong!

Desiree' S.
Thank you!!

Thank you for providing a good decaf alternative. I buy these beans for my mom, who is getting increasingly caffeine sensitive (or so it feels, haha!), and these beans are always perfect for her.

We're so glad she's enjoying it, Desiree. Decaf for the win!

Good decaf

I appreciate that this local roaster carries a decaf. Decaf never seems to meet the complexity and options of regular coffee, but this one isn't overly dark, verging on burnt like some other brands, so the beans' flavor makes it through. I've bought this variety many times before but first time having it shipped. We received the bean just two days after they were roasted. (Caveat, we only a few hours away from Santa Cruz so probably helped)

Margret F.
Great coffee!

Very it

One of the best decafs!

Highly recommend. A little on the medium dark side of roast. Works great made in Chemex or Mochamaster. You won’t know it’s decaf.

Therese G.

So far I love your decaf coffee!

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