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Streetlevel is a coffee that can be brewed several ways and still be a classically sweet and balanced cup of coffee. It has a bit of citrus-like sweet clementine and red apple acidity. That transitions into a honeycomb finish, ending on a well-rounded note.

Streetlevel is our forever blend where our focus is set on tying together our Farmlevel stories to the very people that consume them every day. Coffee changes seasonally based on harvest times and where the coffee is from. To maintain the coffee’s balanced and inviting flavor profile, Streetlevel is built with Guatemalan, Colombian, and Honduran coffees to anchor the blend and impart its complex sweetness. We change out the components as the year goes on, sourcing specifically from these countries to achieve this flavor profile.

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Various Smallholding Farmers


    Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia


    Santa Barbara, Alotenango, Urrao


    Bourbon, Caturra, Villa Sarchi




    1500-2000 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Red Apple, Marmalade, Molasses

    Brew Method


    Brew Recipe

    In: 19.8-20.1 grams of coffee
    Time: 25-27 seconds
    Out: 27-32 grams of coffee

  • Farmlevel Story


    Each component, much like any track on a mixed tape, means something and adds something different. Streetlevel, our best track of Verve’s mixed tape, is composed of three very different regions blended to make up a balanced blend.

    Streetlevel is a coffee that can be brewed several ways and still be a classically sweet and balanced cup of coffee. It has a bit of citrus-like sweet clementine and red apple acidity. That transitions into a honeycomb finish, ending on a well-rounded note.

    Coming from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras is a component gathered from Peña Blanca’s Beneficio San Vicente. This selection features coffees produced by smallholder farmers scattered about the fog-shrouded slopes of the Santa Barbara mountain. This brings a lot of citrus and herbaceous aromatics to the blend.

    Alotenango is a large coffee-producing region and home to many smallholding farmers. One, in particular, is La Candelaria which is seated slightly south of Antigua on the western slopes of Volcan de Agua. The volcanic soil adds a richness specific to this region. It tastes and highlights red apple acidity in the blend.

    Urrao is a beautiful landscape of a region. There are rolling hills, a balance of hot and cold temperatures for coffee cherries to mature, and the smallholder producers here grow some of the best region lots in the country.

Never run out of coffee again.


Customer Reviews

Based on 358 reviews
Christopher S.
Always fast and delicious

There's something about ordering a 5 pound bag of roasted whole bean Streetlevel that sets Verve above the rest. Maybe it's knowing that the day I order it, it's roasted and shipped off to me. Maybe it's that usually within 2 to 3 days of ordering it, I'll get to cut the Verve packaging tape (which BTW is pretty cool), and open the bag containing the beans and inhale that sweet aroma. Or, maybe it's because now, for the next month and a half, I'll get to wake up to a great brew, and dream that I'm back in Santa Cruz, sipping my cup at 1010 Fair Ave, before my morning walk along West Cliff.
Keep up the great job, and thanks for letting me experience a little Santa Cruz on the East Coast :-)

Cherubin C.
Group Consensus - Best Coffee in the West Coast

During this time of uncertainty and shelter in place, we provided Verve Coffee Beans to our employees as they were all working remotely. It was such a nice treat and everyone that requested a bag or two, has really enjoyed them. We hope to order more in the near future.

Ken N.

Love the consistently high quality of the brews. And the decaf is swiss water process -- excellent. One request; make some sampler packs, like 4 packages of 3 ounces each of different varieties. I know it's more trouble to do small packs. But nowadays I don't go into the coffee shops to sample the tastes, so I need to sample new varieties at home.

Or maybe offer free samples, like your single-cup packages, as a freebie if you buy two or more bags of coffee... Or something like that.

Butch C.
Butch's Streetlevel Espresso Review

Back in the 60s I started drinking espresso in the old Italian coffee shops in San Francisco's North Beach. I learned to enjoy good espresso, and that's why I order Streetlevel from Verve and have it sent 1,700 miles to Duluth, MN where my wife Beth and I currently live & surf. Verve does it right...thank you.

Wow! Thank you so much, Butch. So stoked to hear from our long distance fans.

Namrita D.

Love StreetLevel! Perfect balance of acidity and flavor.

Carmen P.
Easy shopping

Best coffee ever, either in-store or on line!!!! Quick delivery- great service. Easy on line shopping!

Daniel O.

We enjoy Verve Streetlevel very much, thanks, and we are working our way through your inventory week by week. Dan

Brady C.
Great coffee, arrived quickly

Love Verve coffee and the 5lb bags have been great during quarantine. The order arrived within a couple of days of ordering.

Thomas C.
Love Streetlevel

We received a bag of Streetlevel beans for Christmas from relatives in San Francisco area. Really enjoyed them. Looked for Verve online recently to buy more. The site is straight forward & we purchased 3 bags & received them in 5 days (Chicago area). Very satisfied.

Samuel W.
Good Alone. Good with Milk

Streetlevel is great alone. It’s also great in milk. I’ve consumed dozens of pounds of this espresso over the years and it never disappoints.

Enjoy Streetlevel With