We, The Women of Verve

We, The Women of Verve

Here at Verve, we’re extraordinarily lucky to work with so many inspiring women across all aspects of our business - from baristas, production leads, content creators, designers, coffee buyers, and more. We’re reminded each day by these women by all that is possible, and to live with humility, strength and grace.

To honor International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to celebrate these incredible women. Here’s how they draw inspiration to become the women that they are.


"My mom inspires me so much! She birthed me into this dimension and showed me that even in my darkest moments there is always a bright light guiding from deep within. She taught me to connect with the unseen / angelic forces of nature, a gift that I cherish and am eternally grateful for."

Kenya Mabson
Shift Lead at our Melrose cafe in Los Angeles, CA


"My friend Emelie is a woman who inspires me to pursue my goals and passions. Emelie founded and is the CEO of an ethical and eco-friendly fashion brand that empowers artisans within Indonesia. I admire her integrity and heart to create a business that aligns with her values, and her tenacity and confidence to start and grow her own business."

Bianca Salinas
Barista at our West 3rd Street cafe in Los Angeles, CA


"This year, I lost my beautiful grandma, Nadee. She lived such a full life and made lasting connections everywhere she went in the world. She was so open-minded, thoughtful, hardworking and independent. My favorite quality of hers was how she effortlessly wore her heart on her sleeve. Her example of how she loved so freely and openly inspires me every time I reflect on her life."

Kenna Davidson
Production Supervisor at our Seabright Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA

Rida Ilyas

"One person I refer to a lot is designer Megan Batoon. I admire the vulnerability, passion, and creativity she shares with the world. My favorite quote from her is “If something makes you feel good, do that, and do that for you."

Rida Ilyas
Verve Brand Designer at our Seabright Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA

Mo Alonso

"My little sister Mia is my biggest inspiration! I’ve watched her grow into an extremely intelligent and driven young woman, and it makes me so proud (and a little emotional). I also very much appreciate her dry sense of humor."

Mo Alonso
Production Coordinator at our Seabright Headquarters in Santa Cruz, CA