Say hello to Aster

Say hello to Aster

Aster blend with tasting notes

Why We Changed The 1950 to Aster

The 1950 initially emerged as a mid-century, mocha-java-inspired vintage blend, incorporating two African coffees. However, as we have progressed, The 1950 transcended its name's origins.

Being composed of a washed Ethiopian coffee roasted at different levels and blended together, Aster is essentially a single origin that can be served year-round. It’s more than a vintage, mid-century blend; it’s our guiding star to the birthplace of coffee. 

Aster being brewed on a chemex

Aster shines in every brew method and is an excellent blend for curious coffee drinkers who want to explore single origins without fully committing. It piques curiosity, inspires adventure, and a smooth cup to start the morning with daily.

Aster Craft Instant Coffee being enjoyed at the computer

Aster acts as our beacon on the map, pinpointing the birthplace of coffee in Ethiopia. Ethiopia, a country rich in linguistic, cultural, and ecological diversity, doesn't adhere to a single monolithic flavor profile for its coffee. Our flagship Ethiopian blend pays tribute to the contributions of numerous smallholder producers, cultivating coffee on modest plots of land. The unique complexity of Aster's components showcases the best of Ethiopia's offerings, combining candied lime sweetness with brown sugar complexity to inspire morning adventures.

Aster will replace The 1950 on February 1st, 2024.