Coffee Producer Highlight - Roberto Sabillon

Coffee Producer Highlight - Roberto Sabillon

Roberto Sabillon

We’re proud to highlight our longstanding coffee producer partner, Roberto Sabillon, who grows and processes exceptional coffee exclusively for Verve Coffee Roasters.


About Roberto Sabilllon

Known for his phenomenal coffee quality and growing methods, Roberto Sabillon, a multi-time winner of the Honduran Cup of Excellence, comes back to our menu for the seventh year in one of his most approachable coffees yet.

We’ve been working with Roberto for many years and are proud to share that Roberto produces and selects processing methods for his coffee exclusively for Verve, meaning that you won’t find it anywhere else but here.

About His Coffee

A Single Origin honey-processed offering from the Santa Barbara region of Honduras with tasting notes of Lemon Zest, Cacao and Black Tea, Roberto Sabillon’s coffee offers satisfaction for sweetness.

We believe that this coffee showcases the absolute best of Honduran coffees - it’s clean, classic, and interesting. Thanks to the honey processing, Roberto Sabillon has an element of sweetness and nuance. Honey process requires more dedication and hands-on timing compared to a washed coffee. While other producers would have likely opted for producing this coffee as washed in the name of efficiency, Roberto opted for honey processing to bring out the best of this coffee and to try something new.

Notes From The Cupping Lab

Verve Green Coffee Buyer Kylee Clancy shares that Roberto Sabillon’s coffee is for anyone who wants a clean and consistent morning cup of coffee. Even though it’s honey processed, it’s surprisingly clean while showcasing the sugary sweetness of Honduran coffees.

In Kylee’s words, “Roberto Sabillon is great however you like to drink it - either black, with cream or with sugar… it honestly tastes great no matter what. This is the perfect entry point to anyone interested in experiencing non-washed coffees.”

Coffee Cupping Lab

Producer Notes

Roberto Sabillon shares that Verve’s exclusive coffee-buying partnership with him is an energizing force - it allows him to continually push the limits of quality and innovation. Passionate about innovation, Roberto is constantly experimenting with different methods of cultivation and processing, and is committed to producing the best coffees possible. He embraces opportunity and loves trying new things.”