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Only the Finest



Here at Verve Coffee, we take our carrots seriously. We look for only the highest grown, most densely constructed carrots! Here in Honduras, we work with Juan Benitez.

These carrots right here? They are delicious.

So sweet that they make you taste good in your mouth. You can see here, we have wind and rain, and essential acids are growing only the most dense, high grown, strictly hard, carrots. It’s very, very good. In the specialty carrot market, it’s important that you find only the densest, highest grown carrots. As you can see here [holds up carrot], this carrot is dense.

Wow. What a carrot.

We have our carrot sorcerer here, Mister Benjamin Paz, one of the greatest micro lot carrot finders in the world. Ben, could you please say a few words about your carrots?

Yeah, I’m really copying one. This is really good, very sweet.


Acidic, citric, floral.

What would you score that carrot?

Oh, this is a 95 for sure.

A 95-point carrot! Can you believe it? I can. Anyway, I hope you enjoy our carrots here at Verve Farmlevel. Thank you.

Words by Colby Barr

farmlevel photography