My Morning Brew Featuring Austin Castro

My Morning Brew Featuring Austin Castro

Austin Castro Austin Castro, a Shift Lead at Verve’s Melrose Cafe, shares how he starts his morning to kick-start a day of good vibes.

How do you start your morning?

It’s important to me to start my day with motivation and new ideas, so I love to give myself some ‘me’ time, in which I indulge in a morning coffee and a good book.

What's your morning brew?

My usual order is a Mocha, but with the recent launch of our Oatmilk Lattes, I can’t stop reaching for the Flash Brew Oatmilk Chocolate flavor. Just like we market them, our Oatmilk Lattes are truly perfect for anyone who loves a cafe crafted drink.

Austin Castro

What's your favorite part of your morning?

I’m an avid reader and I love making music. I enjoy utilizing the morning to create new concepts and fuel inspiration. Drinking coffee, reflecting on creativity, and retaining new information are my favorite ways to initiate the best vibes.

Austin Castro

How did you get into the coffee industry?

Honestly, it was just meeting really cool people that shifted me into the industry. I used to be a regular at our 3rd Street cafe in Los Angeles, and after getting to know the baristas, I was eager to apply. The coffee culture is so interesting and I’m truly having so much fun growing within it.

What is your Oatmilk Latte flavor?

Hands down, my favorite flavor is Chocolate! For some reason, it sparks memories of me drinking chocolate milk as a child. It’s a boost of nostalgia and I love that. This Oatmilk Latte is bringing back that childhood chocolate milk, but with some much added oomph. It’s not too sweet, and it’s not too bitter. It’s smooth with flawless consistency. Accompanied by the Verve flash brew espresso profile and the luxurious dark chocolate, it’s perfectly delicious.

Austin Castro

Why were you excited for Oatmilk Lattes?

For a while I was hoping Verve would eventually create convenient and on-the-go type lattes. So when they finally launched the Oatmilk Lattes, I was stoked! Yes, they are ‘convenient,’ but they are so much more than that. The taste is what really stands out! The ready-to-drink experience is simply just a plus.