La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom in Seattle, Washington.

Verve residency at La Marzocco in Seattle

cup of verve coffee

By Mac Atkinson

Hello, coffee drinkers! It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce to you that we will be a guest resident at the La Marzocco Cafe & Showroom in Seattle!

We are thrilled to share our coffee and culture with the guests of La Marzocco Cafe - and the Pacific Northwest generally. Between July 9 and August 12th, 2019, this Seattle location will feature everything from our seasonal selection of Honduran, Colombian and Ethiopian coffees to our flagship Streetlevel espresso to our refreshing Nitro Flash Brew!

latte in a glass

Nitro Flash Brew

For those who are not yet familiar, La Marzocco is a 90-year old family-run espresso machine manufacturer that has a month-to-month guest resident roaster program at KEXP radio station in Seattle. For the glorious peak of summer, we have the privilege to take over the cafe! Check out their website and blog for more info!

La Marzocco has and forever will hold a special place in our hearts at Verve Coffee Roasters, as it does with baristas and coffee drinkers worldwide. The love, passion, and potential that goes into each cup, in addition to the hand-craftsmanship of their machines, have for years driven baristas to deliver only the best coffee to friends, family, guests, and customers. Using a La Marzocco machine is, in my mind, a “You have arrived” moment. It delivers precise, consistent control over the craft and taste of your coffee.

We are stoked for the baristas at the cafe to use the new KB90 espresso machine - not only for its amazing functions and features but also for the legacy it pays homage to. Guests can still look forward to enjoying each and every coffee-based drink normally found at Verve -- our Single Origin Espresso Honduras Miraflores, the Bowl Of Soul, and of course, The One & One, in addition to a couple of special creations here and there.

barista serving pour over

For those of you who can join us for our launch party on July 10th, get excited for a “Choose Your Own Adventure” Ice Cream Float Social where you can enjoy a selection of Molly Moon’s ice cream paired with your espresso of choice. Hosting the launch celebration is none other than Naida Lindberg, a barista star in the specialty coffee universe, who will share coffee pairings and signature drink-building activities, allowing guests a coffee experience on par with the national barista competition! With a DJ to bring some California summer vibes, door prizes, and of course, free coffee, caffeine fiends of the northwest will not be disappointed. Tons of fun to be had!

Naida Lindberg

Naida Lindberg

For those who can’t make the launch party, Naida will remain in-store on Thursday morning for coffee tastings and more goodie giveaways. This will be a different way of engaging with and asking questions of a specialty coffee professional. And Naida is certainly qualified: she has taken her career from one side of the country to the other, to the coffee producing regions of Costa Rica, and to the National Barista Competition semi-final stage. She will look forward to chatting with you about everything coffee!

We will release other event details as our residency continues. We’ve got a packed summer with La Marzocco, the recent opening of our Palo Alto location, the launch of our Nitro Flash Brew, and of course a nonstop, incredible line-up of coffees. It’s a very exciting season for all us Vervelings, indeed, and we are stoked to have the opportunity to celebrate with you - all summer long!