Rosetta latte art

How to Pour a Rosetta

We're covering the three most important steps for creating the perfect rosetta. Learn how to properly pour latte art with our expert advice on speed, distance, and location. We'll teach you how to create latte art with our tried and true wiggle pouring technique.

10 Pro Tips When Pouring A Rosetta

1. The faster you pour the more texture will pour out. The slower you pour the more liquid will pour out. You want an even mix of both the entire pour.

2. The further away the pitcher is from the cup, the deeper the milk will dive into the coffee.

3. Don’t slow your pour down when you drop in. It takes practice to maintain your speed.

4. When starting to pour the design, get your pitcher spout as close to the surface of the coffee as you can without touching it.

5. The wiggle technique is a small back and forth motion. Don’t get too crazy!

6. Keep a good grip on the pitcher handle while wiggling.

7. When you reach the back of the cup, your cup should be full of layers, otherwise, you backed up too fast.

8. Slow down a little for the strikethrough while pulling the pitcher slightly higher.

9. The cup size will change drink to drink, but the concept of pouring a rosetta stays the same. In larger cups, everything happens a bit slower and smaller cups everything happens slightly faster.

10. It takes time, practice and patience to develop muscle memory and pouring techniques! Keep it up.