Verve Coffee Roasters

Hello Verve Friends

[June 1, 2020 2:30pm PST]

We hear you. We see you. We stand with you. Justice begins with accountability & acknowledging there is a problem across our country & within our communities. We are devastated by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade & so many others that go unrecognized & without the justice they deserve.

This is not a political issue; it's a human rights issue.

It's a time for action, education, self-reflection, listening, speaking out & standing up for the black community & all POC. We, as a company, must look at ourselves & recognize we have work to do. We are committed to educating ourselves & know we need to be better & do better.

All Verve cafes will be closed tomorrow, 6/2 in support of Black Lives Matter & to allow our team to support, act & reflect on the unfolding events. Our retail family will receive full pay. We stand in solidarity with the black community & are united in our fight against systematic racism.

Please join us in supporting #BlackLivesMatter. You can help no matter where you live; at home or out in the community:

〰️Join a peaceful protest.
〰️If you can, donate to social justice organizations: @aclu_nationwide, @bailproject & @mnfreedomfund.
〰️Sign petitions for the justice of George's murder here.
〰️Hold the police accountable.
〰️Support POC owned businesses.
〰️Speak up & have uncomfortable conversations with friends, family, co-workers who express racist comments, thoughts, or jokes.
〰️Be honest about white privilege & where we have fallen short.
〰️Admit we may be part of the problem & educate ourselves to unlearn what society has conditioned us to believe.
〰️Organize an online counseling group to support community mental health. Be there for people who are grieving, processing & navigating this complex & traumatizing time.
〰️Create activism art with proceeds benefiting organizations such as @colorofchange & @naacp.

We need everyone, everywhere, acting together to fight this. Prayers & thoughts are only the beginning. We all need to come together & take action to heal our black community by acknowledging the inequality & systematic racism that persists in our nation today.

[April 27, 2020 12:00pm PST]

We're excited to announce cafes are re-opening. Please see the current list of open cafes below. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we re-open with the new changes to help keep everyone safe.


  • Order at the window or order ahead online.
  • We are cashless and currently accepting: Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.
  • Always keep 6 feet apart.
  • All customers must wear a mask.
  • Not feeling well? Please stay home.


41st Avenue | Santa Cruz, CA
Open Every Day | 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Seabright | Santa Cruz, CA
Open Every Day | 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Pacific Ave | Santa Cruz, CA
Open Every Day | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

University Avenue | Palo Alto, CA
Open Every Day | 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Melrose Avenue | Los Angeles, CA
Open Every Day | 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

Arts District | Los Angeles, CA
Open Every Day | 7:00 am - 3:00 pm

1010 Fair | Santa Cruz, CA
Temporarily Closed

W3rd Street | Los Angeles, CA
Temporarily Closed

Spring Street | Los Angeles, CA
Temporarily Closed

Market Street | San Francisco, CA
Temporarily Closed

[March 17, 2020 9:00pm PST]

Beginning March 18th, all our cafe locations in San Francisco, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz and L.A. will be temporarily closed. As an independent business, we are navigating these unprecedented times day-by-day while keeping the health and safety of our communities and employees at the forefront.

We'll continue to keep you updated and truly appreciate your understanding as we continue to adapt to this evolving challenge. Our online store is open 24x7 and we're working hard to keep grocery store shelves stocked.

Thank you for continuing to support Verve. We will pull through this together. We can't wait to have a bustling cafe again but until then we all need to put the well-being of friends, family and our community first.

[March 16, 2020 6:00am PST]

All orders at cafes will now be to-go only. We appreciate your patience, understanding and patronage as we continue to adapt to this evolving public health challenge.

[March 15, 2020 2:30pm PST]

Please know that amidst this historic public health challenge our top priority and commitment is to our employees and to all of you, the incredible community that makes up Verve. As an independent business, we are continually thankful to you, the customers and community who have supported us over the past twelve plus years. From daily locals to new-found friends coming into our cafes, to distant fans buying coffee online and wholesale accounts fueling their offices and restaurants; none of this would be possible without you all. So thank you!

We would like to let you know the steps we have taken to keep you and our team safe as we all navigate through this together:

  • Implemented extended handwashing frequency and increased wash time.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitization of all surfaces in our cafes and community spaces.
  • Increased deep cleaning schedules.
  • Pausing use of personal cups while still honoring discounts and switching to single-use cups.
  • Removing self-serve condiments and accessories - just ask a barista!
  • Advocating for team members and any customers with any symptoms to stay home.
  • We are actively working on remote ordering solutions for our cafe customers.

Our entire team is committed to sourcing, roasting and delivering coffee to our community in the safest way possible. Anyone who has visited our Santa Cruz or LA Roasteries knows that the heart of our business has always been extremely visible to the community. Our “fishbowl” approach to coffee roasting has kept our facilities impeccably clean and completely transparent since day one.

Your continued support during this time has meant so much to us. The best thing we can do as individuals and as a community is to stay informed, stay vigilant, and support each other as we fully adopt best practices to keep everyone safe. Please reach out to our team at with any questions or concerns.

Be Well.
Be Vigilant.
Be Informed.
Be Calm.
And Live with Verve!

Ryan, Colby, Mike & the entire Verve Team