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Fathers of Farmlevel

June 16 2019


Kelly mac - August 18 2020

It’s really nice to see such acknowledgement of the people who produce the products we appreciate so much. I wish his family the very best. It would be cool to see support for more organic coffees so that farmers don’t face continued exposure to gnarly pesticides and other chemicals involved in conventional coffee production to bring us this luxury product.

Deirdre McGray - August 14 2020

I think it is wonderful you took the time as a company to acknowledge the passing of one of your associates in such an inspiring article.

Very nice tribute.

Thank you for naming a coffee after him and your donation to his family.

Jeff - August 14 2020

All of your growers are heroes: agriculture is hard work.

My sympathies to Señor Amado’s family. I hope they will be able to sustain the business he built.

Catherine - August 14 2020

Beautiful tribute Mike. God be with his family.

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