Eat Your Flowers with Verve Coffee

Eat Your Flowers with Verve Coffee

There’s no better pair than an aesthetically beautiful cookie with a cup of craft coffee on a sunny spring morning. At least, in our completely and totally unbiased opinion.

We're thrilled to partner with our friends at Eat Your Flowers as we welcome spring here at Verve. Loria Stern, founder of Eat Your Flowers, began working with edible botanicals while she was working as a pastry chef. And after using them in her personal baking at home and posting on social media, her botanical cookies went viral and her small business took off. She now ships her creations nationwide.

I would casually post photos on social media and then they essentially went viral. I started receiving emails asking if I can bake and ship my treats and then I put up a website with one listing, and the rest is history.

We sat down with Loria to see her process and learn more about her story. She walked us through her garden, showed us her kitchen where all her magic happens, and actually made a batch with us. With such a lush garden and natural beauty around every corner, it’s no surprise botanicals seeped into her daily profession.

Nature above all else inspires my creations. At my bakery we don't use any unnatural or artificial ingredients -- all the flavors and colors in our baked goods come from minimally processed natural ingredients. When I'm decorating cookies I always envision a garden -- what does a flower look like coming out of the ground? How does its leaf look against a stalk? I always try to emulate nature in my designs.

Loria took her passion for baking and her admiration for the medicinal and nutritional value of edible botanics to create a successful small business. And that’s exactly what it is: a tireless effort of determination from her and her woman-run team to bring a piece of Los Angeles sun across the country.

Being a female entrepreneur allows me to challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and inspire other women to pursue their dreams of business ownership and self-reliance.

We’re inspired by Loria and adore her delicious treats. Be sure to grab a drip cup of Wilder with one of her cookies at any of our cafes, while supplies last.