Behind the Blend: Wilder Blend

Behind the Blend: Wilder Blend

Wilder Blend is back for its third season to reinvigorate our senses and reawaken our passions. Taking its name after our beloved Wilder Ranch State Park, this seasonal blend is our favorite way to start the new year. This year’s Wilder Blend is a refreshing sipping experience, with a raspberry tasting note underscored by a pleasant hint of fig and a medium finish.

Wilder Blend

Wilder Ranch State Park

Before we go further, let's revisit blend creation methods here at Verve Coffee Roasters. We have written an in-depth blend guide in the past, but to summarize, Wilder is a post-roast blend of three different single origin beans meticulously chosen to create a unique flavor profile. Blend creation requires taste intuition coupled with extensive coffee and roasting knowledge. At the heart of it, our blends could only exist thanks to our Farmlevel partners and their passionate dedication to producing outstanding coffees, thereby enabling us to create incredible menu offerings.

Wilder Blend - Green Coffee

This seasonal blend combines three very different tasting coffees from two very distinct places, Colombia and Ethiopia, with each one adding to the wild(er) experience. At first sip, light raspberry highlights the natural processed Ethiopian contrast to the washed processed Colombian’s sweet fig flavor. Both tasting notes are then rounded out with a refreshing, medium finish provided by the washed processed Ethiopian.

Wilder Blend - Roasting

Freshly brewed, Wilder Blend hits you with the warm and cozy familiarity of enjoying a fig roll dunked in coffee. On the other hand, this seasonal blend in a cold glass creates a refreshing and vibrant coffee spritzer. Comforting yet lively, Wilder Blend is our take on an adventure in a cup.

Wilder Blend cold brew coffee and cappuccino

It’s not surprising that Wilder Blend appeals to every type of coffee drinker. The roast delivers individually unique characteristics that the single origin faithful adore coupled with the balance and consistency that blend die-hards seek. It checks all the boxes! Wilder Blend is an easy sipping experience that also plays well with milk and dairy alternatives.

Wilder Blend being shipped

So how to brew Wilder Blend? While our recommended brew method is espresso, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this vibrant blend. Here’s how our colleagues at Verve Headquarters get wild with Wilder:

  • Our lead roaster enjoys French Press for the unfiltered experience.
  • A green coffee buyer swears that Wilder Blend is best pulled as an espresso.
  • One of our Seabright cafe baristas makes the perfect Wilder Blend pour over.
  • Another employee starts their day with a Wilder Blend drip at home with a splash of cream.
  • Our marketing crew channels some “camp vibes” with an AeroPress brew after a lunch bike ride.

However you enjoy your coffee, Wilder Blend will bring a little adventure to your new year.

Wilder BlendWilder Ranch State Park