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Behind the cup

The intense sweetness of raisins is compared with a tart acidity and rosehip aromatic in this careful selection of cascara from the Helsar de Zarcero micro-mill. Each bag contains 90 grams of tea.


Rich in both caffeine and antioxidants, the consumption of cascara (otherwise referred to as “Qishr”) predates the consumption of roasted and brewed coffee on the Arabian peninsula. To this day, Qishr continues its reign as a more widely consumed and economically significant product than coffee in such countries.

Spanish for “husk” or “skin”, “Cáscara” is the dried fruit of a coffee cherry. Though often the byproduct of naturally-processed coffee, this lot of cascara from the Helsar de Zarcero micro-mill in the West Valley of Costa Rica comes to us through a proprietary process designed to preserve the de-pulped fruit of washed-processed coffee. Once separated from the coffee seed, ripe coffee cherries are oven-dehydrated to preserve their flavors and kill any unwanted bacteria. The resulting product comes in the form of a completely edible, dried fruit ideal for steeping like tea. 

Brewing Instructions: Steep 9 grams of Cascara coffee cherry tea for every 12 ounces of 200-degree water for 6 minutes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
wayne r.
Shot in the dark...

I wanted to try what the coffee fruit over the bean tasted like. Now that I have I understand why we do not use it for anything. It tastes awful as a tea. No fault of Verve’s by any means!! They’re awesome!!! Guess you could just say it is not my cup of tea. Curiosity satisfied!! To each their own.

Lina H.
Excellent Customer Service - Excellent Product

Helllllllo Verve!
Nikki made my large, complicated order so easy to complete. Everyone got their order on time for our event! Thank you for hiring this GEM of an Employee - She is a keeper.

Tanya P.

Bought the Cascara for my son for Christmas and it's gone already!
He loves your products! The Cascara is delicious :)

Kelly R.
Love Cascara!

I love Cascara and was introduced to it several years ago and haven't been able to find it since. I love the tea it makes and normally make it iced. Verve's Cascara is great!!!

Karen N.
Unique Tea

I personally love the taste of Cascara Tea. I add a cup of heated nut or oat milk to it.

Justin G.
Cascara Tea

The cascara tea is great! It’s Luas a Lapsang souchong tea aroma and a slight taste of tobacco.

Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea

The order was filled and delivered quickly, and most importantly, the product was fresh and delicious. The tea was naturally sweet and smooth, and had a beautiful deep red color. I was very pleased, as I have always been with Verve products.

Jason H.

not really into it

Hsinyi H.


Great tasting tea!

I'm enjoying the Cascara Coffee Cherry Tea. The flavor suits my tastes, and I think I read somewhere that it has lots of antioxidants. Love to hear that it's good for me, too.