someone picking up the eco-friendly packaging

Meet our new Eco-friendly packaging

You have another reason to feel good when you see our coffee at your doorstep!

We're continuing to reduce our carbon footprint

Once you remove the shipping label, our new mailers are entirely compostable and will be gone in six months without any trace. You can bury it in your garden, and it will fertilize your plants, or simply place it in your local compost bin. Our eco-friendly padded mailers are one more step to reduce our ecological footprint and help craft the future.

someone picking up the eco-friendly packaging

How to dispose...

First, remove all shipping labels and stickers so as not to disrupt the composting process.

Indoor Composting

If you have a composting bin in your kitchen, put your organic waste in with our mailer scraps and empty it at your local composting facility or a communal neighborhood bin.

Outdoor composting

Bury our mailers in your soil, which will eventually fertilize your garden and plants and be fully composted in 180 days.

Behind the change...

  • Non-Toxic Breakdown Products

    PLA doesn't produce harmful substances or toxic residues when it breaks down. The end products of PLA degradation are non-toxic and can benefit the composting process, serving as nutrients for soil and plants.
  • Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels

    PLA reduces the reliance on petroleum-based plastics, which helps decrease the consumption of non-renewable resources and mitigates the environmental impact associated with traditional plastics.
  • Lower Energy Requirements

    The production of PLA generally requires less energy.