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The final days of summer are fast approaching, yet there is still time left to salvage some of its fair weather feels. This year’s lot of Yukro carries with it an intriguing floral zest, nuanced with a vibrant acidity, and refreshing botanical undertone representative of its native Ethiopia. In recent years, the Yukro wet-mill has adopted a progressive processing system that saves over five liters of water per kilogram of coffee, allowing them to capitalize on the lush potential of the Gera region. So grab a bag, kickback, and enjoy that oh-so-fleeting summertime zest.

  • Bean Details

    Yukro Cooperative




    Gera Woreda


    Ethiopia Heirloom




    1900 - 2100 Meters


    October - January

    Tasting Notes

    Lilac, Coriander, Citric

  • Farmlevel Story


    The washed process as is the standard in Ethiopia is largely accountable for the citric acidities and high-def. floralities that we tend to expect from coffees hailing from the Birthplace of Coffee. In this process, water is depended upon to convey coffees through a disc-pulper, into a fermentation tank and through a series of washing channels before it’s deemed clean. Nearly 6 liters of water are required to process 1 kilogram of coffee.

    In water-scarce climates like those found in Western Ethiopia, their inability to carry-out this resource-intensive process has resulted in a high prevalence of dry-processed coffees which - when executed poorly - can yield some of the lowest grades of coffee available.

    Thanks to assistance from Washington DC-based NPO, TechnoServe, the Yukro Cooperative was able to build a wet-mill featuring a Penagos eco-pulper; Colombian de-mucilageing technology capable of washing coffees using only 1 liter of water for every kilogram of coffee. For the first time since it’s 1977 inception, Yukro was able to showcase the terroir as was cultivated by Gera Woreda farmers and generate the premiums that their coffee deserved.

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