Yacuanquer Single Origin Espresso


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Never run out of coffee again.


A bright and complex acidity of dried apricot is met with syrupy cantaloupe flavors in this high-grown selection of Nariñan coffee.

  • Bean Details

    Various Small Producers




    Yacuanquer, Nariño


    Caturra, Colombia, Castillo




    1900 - 2100 Meters


    May - August

    Tasting Notes

    Cantaloupe, Dried Apricot, Lasting

  • Farmlevel Story


    Situated just south of Pasto, Nariño’s capital, the municipality Yacuanquer is in the Nariño department of Colombia comprised of smallholder farmers, one of whom is our very own Amparo Maya. This region lies right in the middle of the Andean Mountain range, with only 10% of it being flat. Traditionally the main crops grown in this region were beans and corn until the last decade when farmers took advantage of the bigger market and better prices that coffee offered. Today, around 95% of agriculture is coffee in Yacuancuer.

    While some of the world’s coffee farmers farm large estates equipped with robust wet-milling, dry-milling and - in some cases - export operations, the majority (on the order of 70%, actually) of the world’s coffee farmers can be characterized as “smallholder farmers”. Smallholder farmers tend to their “smallholdings” which typically contain a mixture of cash and subsistence crops and rarely exceed 1 - 5 hectares. This allows producers to have greater control of their crops and post-harvest processes, ensuring a more sustainable quality from harvest to harvest and gives us the pleasure of enjoying this coffee year after year.

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