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Virgilia Fuentes Gutierrez


  • Roast Level



    Light roast
  • Origins
    El Salvador

Behind the Cup

Fragrant Gardenia greets the palate upon the first sip of El Salvador Virgilia Fuentes Gutierrez, accented by tangy notes of Guava and sweet Wildflower Honey for the finish. 

Each coffee is roasted to order. Orders ship in 1-2 business days.


Farmlevel Story

Virgilia Fuentes Gutierrez comes from a long generation of coffee producers. Her house and farm are nestled high in the mountains of El Salvdor on the border of Guatemala. Virgilia and her husband have created a magical space tucked away from majority of the surrounding area. They have a fully sustainable lifestyle where most things they need to live off of can be found right outside of their house. Their house overlooks typica trees that were planted over 100 years ago, she and her husband still process the cherries and use that for their personal coffee consumption. For years her family has been producing typica and selling it as non-specialty grade coffee. In her late 60’s she decided to make the switch and try to produce specialty coffee. She and her husband planted many different varieties all along their steep hills behind the house. The variety that stood out the most is her pacamara. This year’s pacamara is only the second harvest being produced as specialty coffee and we are so lucky to offer it on our menu.

Brewing Suggestions

All of our coffees can be brewed in various ways, designed for your perfect morning. These recipes are our favorite ways to highlight Virgilia Fuentes Gutierrez. Your brewing adventure starts here.

Verve's Coffee Department

French Press

  • Coffee 40 g
  • Grind Medium/Coarse
  • Water 560 g
  • Ratio 1:14
  • Time 6:00


  • Coffee 25 g
  • Grind Medium
  • Water 375 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 4:00


  • Coffee 15 g
  • Grind Medium/Fine
  • Water 210 g
  • Ratio 1:14
  • Time 3:00