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Sumava De Lourdes Coffee Farm
Francisco Mena Producer
Coffee Tree
Sumava Farm




Sumava Lactico Pulped


  • Roast Level



    Light roast
  • Origins
    Costa Rica


Behind the cup

Punchy dried blueberry is balanced by the sweetness of vanilla bean in this bold cup, making for a decadent, fudgy treat.

Brewing Suggestions

All of our coffees can be brewed in various ways, designed for your perfect morning. These recipes are our favorite ways to highlight Sumava Lactico Pulped. Your brewing adventure starts here.

Verve's Coffee Department


  • Coffee 40 g
  • Grind Med/Coarse
  • Water 600 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 5:00


  • Coffee 15 g in
  • Grind Fine
  • Water 60 g out
  • Ratio 1:4
  • Time 18-22 sec

Coffee Maker

  • Coffee 40 g
  • Grind Med
  • Water 600 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 4:30

Farmlevel Story

Sumava Farm

Francisco Mena has made a strong impact on the coffee community in Costa Rica. Beyond being one of the champions of the Micro-Mill Revolution, he also co-founded Exclusive Coffees–an exporting operation focused on smallholder farmers' representation in the market through creating direct trade relationships–and is an impressive coffee producer himself. Francisco supports producers throughout the four coffee growing regions while also managing his own farm. He empowers producers through marketing and exporting theory coffees, and providing them with tools to produce high quality coffee. 

This coffee is extra special because of the experimental process used to make it. The pulped natural process begins by harvesting perfectly ripe cherries and then removing the skin within 24 hours of harvesting. In a traditional natural process, the skin is left intact through fermentation. This small tweak in the technique produces a different cup profile that has a lighter acidity and a heavier body.