Costa Rica

Santa Rosa

Brown Sugar · Pomegranate · Elegant


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A brown sugar sweetness is complemented by a juicy pomegranate-like acidity in this year's vintage of some of our favorite Tarrazu farms.

  • Bean Details

    Efraín and Gelberth Naranjo


    Costa Rica


    Santa Rosa de Leon Cortéz, Tarrazu






    1900-2000 Meters


    January - April

    Tasting Notes

    Brown Sugar, Pomegranate, Elegant

  • Farmlevel Story


    Our Toyota Hilux (because it's always a Toyota Hilux) bounced along the ridges of the Cordillera Talamanca until the road came to an end at the triumphantly perched Santa Rosa 1900 Micro Beneficio, the steep slopes of Finca Macho falling away to our right and left. Immediately Efrain "Macho" Naranjo and his Verve t-shirt-clad son, Gelberth, approached our car with the enthusiasm of greeting old friends.

    The topography of Costa Rica is characterized by the subduction zone of the Caribbean and, on the Pacific side, Cocos plates. 80 million years-in-the-making - as the Cocos plate submerges underneath the Caribbean plate - the Cordillera Talamanca and the Central American Volcanic Arc have come to be. Unlike the West and Central Valleys to the north, where the soil composition it hinted-at by the four looming, active volcanoes, Tarrazu is characterized by a non-volcanic Inceptisol.

    So cold are the nighttime temperatures on the slopes above the village of Santa Rosa de León Cortés that - in addition to slow cherry maturation - the familia Naranjo employ a curious practice; Ripe coffee cherries are collected from among their fourteen farms and stored in the hopper of the Penagos eco-pulper overnight rather than being immediately depulped. It's thanks to nighttime temperatures as low as 8C that the familia Naranjo can execute this technique without undesired fermentation and we're ever-thankful for the vibrant and nuanced coffees that result.

    This year's selection of Santa Rosa 1900 coffees spotlight two of the Naranjo's highest farms; Finca Macho and El Trapiche.

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