Roger Flores

Apricot · Candied Pecan · Cacao


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One of the first perceivable notes of apricot reminds us that coffee is a stone fruit. We love the transition to something both nutty and sweet, like a carnival bag of candied pecans. Throughout the drinking experience, there are distinct notes of balanced chocolate. This coffee is a good recommendation when you are unsure of what to get and want something both citrus and chocolate forward.

Helpful Hints:
Recommended for those who love a flavor profile that is jammy but clean in the finish.

Roast Level

Coffee Roasting Scale: 3

  • Coffee Details

    Roger Chilcon Flores




    San Jose De Lourdes district


    Yellow and Red Caturra

    Years of Purchase

    1st Year




    1900 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Apricot, Candied Pecan, Cacao

    Brew Method

    French Press

    Brew Recipe

    Ratio: 1:12
    Coffee: 40 grams
    Water: 480 grams
    Total brew time: 5:00 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    The first-year partnership to our menu comes from a farm in the El Diamante village of San Jose de Lourdes. Roger Chilcon Flores grows his coffee on 3 hectares of land or roughly 7.5 acres. He grows both yellow and red Caturra at a high elevation of 19000 meters above sea level. This lot is a mixture of both colors of cherry. These coffees experience higher amounts of rainfall at this elevation than other regions in Peru, due to this and frigid evening temperatures, his cups are marked with intense citrus notes, stone fruit, and an enveloping smooth mouthfeel. Roger is not new to growing coffee. In fact, he and several of his family members grow coffee in the area. Besides growing his coffee, he oversees the picking, processing, and drying of the coffee for many farms.

    Cherries are picked at peak ripeness and then are pre-fermented overnight in sealed bags. Keeping the seeds in their cherry form allows for more sweetness to impart on the coffee. Then the cherries are de-pulped and fermented for 24-36 hours depending on the weather. Then the coffee is laid to dry in a ventilated greenhouse on a wooden patio.

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