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Pedro Londono Whole Bean
Pedro Londono Whole Bean with tasting notes
Enjoying a cup of Pedro Londono Whole Bean
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Pedro Londoño Farmlevel Reserve


  • Roast Level



    Light roast
  • Origins


Behind the cup

Lychee and Dried Strawberries make a punch in this extremely fruit-forward washed coffee. Sweet as candy, it finishes with a sense of Orange Wine, citrus aromatics and honey.

Brewing Suggestions

This is the perfect cup to remember the summer as we transition to fall – it’s ripe with sweet strawberry and has a light body. I find it refreshing to sip on during my lunch walks to the beach.

Ismael Murguia

Production Supervisor - Santa Cruz, CA Seabright HQ


  • Coffee 25 g
  • Grind Med
  • Water 375 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 3:30


  • Coffee 22 g
  • Grind Med
  • Water 352 g
  • Ratio 1:16
  • Time 3:30


  • Coffee 40 g
  • Grind Med/Coarse
  • Water 600 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 5:00

Farmlevel Story

This is the first year we’ve had this Farmlevel Reserve on our menu, and we’re thrilled to share it with you. Pedro Nel Trujillo is a second generation producer, and has owned the Finca Rio Chiquito farm since the 1980s after giving his daughter his two other farms, El Jardín and San Isidro. Rio Chiquito is the highest elevation of the three, where coffee grows at 1750 meters. Pedro grows Caturra, Colombia, Castillo, and Pink Bourbon varieties. This coffee is fermented for 40 hours and dried for 30 days, allowing for the cherry fruit to interact with the seed, developing a more fruit-forward coffee.