Nitro Flash Brew 12 pack


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Because we’re dealing with a cold beverage, we must ship Flash Brew via 2-day UPS  packaged on ice to ensure freshness.

Before ordering, please note:

  • Flash Brew does not qualify for free shipping.
  • Orders for Flash Brew may not include a coffee subscription.
  • Orders of Flash Brew will be packed on ice and shipped via 2-day UPS to help preserve the freshness of the product.
  • Additional items ordered (i.e. bags of coffee, mugs, etc.) will ship separately with USPS Priority, free of charge. You will receive a separate email with tracking information.
  • Orders placed Sunday-Wednesday will ship the following day. Orders placed Thursday-Saturday will ship out on the following Monday.
  • Our daily order cut-off time is 8 am PST. Orders placed before 8 am PST Monday-Thursday will ship the same day.
  • Refrigerate product upon arrival.

Flash Brew starts with our directly traded Ethiopian and Colombian Farmlevel coffees, perfectly engineered water, and state-of-the-art craft brewing equipment. After precise extraction through a proprietary hot brewing process in an oxygen-free environment, it’s flash chilled and infused with nitrogen. Nitrogen removes any remaining oxygen, keeping the coffee ultra-fresh and providing a creamy mouthfeel. From there, it's immediately packed into cans or kegs.

The result is a clean and silky brew made just for you.




Currently available in all Verve cafes.

Verve Nitro Flash Brew has a shelf life of 16 weeks.