El Limoncillo Yellow Pacamara (Honey-Process)

Dried Mango · Molasses · Velvety


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A curious and progressive mentality led the Mierisch family to discover and develop one of the rarest and most delightfully delectable beans in its region. Now, 15 years after its uniquely yellow cherries were spotted by a security guard on their Nicaraguan plot, this tropically sweet bean has been thoughtfully refined and meticulously cultivated by the Mierisch family. Yellow Pacamara carries a honey-like sweetness, coupled with a fruited acidity, and a versatile brewing application that we are proud to showcase at the finale of this 15 year pursuit.

  • Bean Details

    Erwin Mierisch




    Yasica Norte, Matagalpa


    Yellow Pacamara




    1200 Meters


    December - January

    Tasting Notes

    Dried Mango, Molasses, Velvety

  • Farmlevel Story


    When a finca El Limoncillo security guard noticed yellow cherries developing in an otherwise red pacamara plantation, Erwin Mierisch and team immediately sampled them alongside their standard red pacamara harvest. When it was immediately evident the seeds tasted as different as the fruit looked, Mierish and team would go on to spend the next 15 years working to isolate and produce yellow pacamara.

    Today El Limoncillo is the only farm in the world where yellow pacamara is being isolated and produced and we’re beyond excited to partner with the Mierish family to bring this stunning coffee to Streetlevel.

    This rare offering is testament to the Mierisch family’s dedication to separation, experimentation and challenging the status quo with respect to quality and sustainability and we’re honored to showcase the outcome of their 15 year pursuit.

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