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Mulugeta whole bean
Mulugeta whole bean with tasting notes
coffee cherry trees growing
coffee cherries
coffee cherries drying on a raised bed





Single Origin - Ethiopia

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    Light roast
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Behind the cup

Hints of crisp white peach and honeydew shine in this high-elevation washed Ethiopian Mulugeta, rounded out by delicate notes of sweet cream for a clean and consistent cup.


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Farmlevel Story

Mulugeta drying beds

We’re excited to bring a first-year purchase to our menu this month from an area we’re very familiar with and from a station that produced one of our favorite Ethiopian coffees from the past season. Situated between Yirgacheffe and Shakiso, two well-known coffee regions, sits the washing stations now owned by Abebe Mulugeta, originally built in 2011 by a local producer named Eyasu. Today, 215 farmers deliver cherries to the station and collectively cultivate approximately 405 hectares at an average of 2,200 to 2,400 meters above sea level. These extraordinary altitudes provide the ideal conditions for cultivating sweet, dense cherries. Farmers selectively handpick ripe red cherries to deliver to the station, where the cherries are visually inspected to remove any damaged or under-ripe cherries. Once the ripe cherries are pulped, the coffee is fermented in concrete tanks for 36 to 48 hours, washed in clean water, and laid on raised beds to sundry. The drying process takes 7-10 days, and the parchment is raked frequently to ensure even drying. All these factors contribute to the unique flavors you’ll find in this cup that we associate with Ethiopian coffees.

Brewing Suggestions

All of our coffees can be brewed in various ways, designed for your perfect morning. These recipes are our favorite ways to highlight Mulugeta. Your brewing adventure starts here.

Verve's Coffee Department


  • Coffee 25 g
  • Grind Med
  • Water 375 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 3:30


  • Coffee 15 g
  • Grind Med/Fine
  • Water 225 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 3:00


  • Coffee 22 g
  • Grind Med
  • Water 330 g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 3:30