Mersha Assefa

Lily · Spiced Plum · Intricate


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Upon entering Mersha Assefa’s Chelelektu mill, we were met with beautiful Ethiopian melodies echoing from a group of women working through the meticulous cherry sorting process. An enthusiasm and abiding vigor emanated from the group and was a clear indicator of an overarching mentality present in the facility. We even considered starting a choir club here at Verve, until we realized none of us could sing let alone in Amharic. In all seriousness, Chelelektu displays an immaculate wet-mill processing facility and active workforce that has produced one of our favorite Ethiopians of the year. This year’s cup holds balanced floral aromas and a stone fruit sweetness that speaks to the region's unique complexity.

  • Bean Details

    Various Small Producers




    Kochere Woreda


    Ethiopia Heirloom




    1850 - 1950 Meters


    November - January

    Tasting Notes

    Lily, Spiced Plum, Intricate

  • Farmlevel Story


    Whilst touring around seven of Kochere’s famous wet mills, we were blown-away by the positive energy and organization that seemed to emanate from Mersha Assefa’s Chelelektu washing station. From the immaculately clean, concrete fermentation tanks and washing channels; to the meticulous cherry sorting being carried out by a jovial workforce chanting Ethiopian choruses; it was immediately clear that this was a special washing station and furthermore without surprise that it would be among our favorite Ethiopians of the harvest.

    One of several Chelelektu kebele (small community) washing stations, Mersha Assefa’s privately-owned Chelelektu mill receives ripe coffee cherries from around 650 neighboring small-holder farmers who farm heirloom varieties at altitudes as great at 1950 MASL. In the typical Southern Ethiopian fashion, cherries are disk-pulped before being soaked overnight, channel-washed and laid to dry on raised beds.

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