Luito Gesha

Honeysuckle · Watermelon · Exotic


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The Panamanian town of Boquete is known for its mountainous terrain, and uniquely wet micro-climate that lends well to all the farming practices of its occupants. And when we say “all”, we really mean it. Luito Lamastus--the son of a well known coffee producer--ran a successful trout farming business in the northern region of Bajo Mono. But, the coffee cherry does not fall far from its shrub, leading Luito to plant some of his father’s Gesha cherries on his own steep slopes. Seven years later, after careful cultivation continued on by his family, Luito’s farm now yields a truly superb coffee named in his honor, and touting a harmonious balance of ripe watermelon, honeysuckle florals, and unique exoticism.

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  • Bean Details

    Gabriela and Michelle Lamastus




    Bajo Mono, Boquete






    1800 Meters


    December - February

    Tasting Notes

    Honeysuckle, Watermelon, Exotic

  • Sourcing Information

    The Cordillera Talamanca - the mountainous spine that makes its way up the center of Panama and Costa Rica - is centuries-in-themaking on account of tectonic movement, volcanic activity and a casual ice age or two. As if the geologic diversity weren’t enough to make this a fascinating region, a weather pattern exists that truly sets Boquete apart.

    The “Bajareque” is a fabled meteorological phenomena resulting in a dense mist that shrouds Boquete during the Northern Hemishpere’s - otherwise - dry season (a.k.a., winter). The Bajareque travels south from the Caribbean sea, over the Cordillera Talamanca and lingers in the northern reaches of the town of Boquete. It therefore goes without saying that the northernmost coffee farm in Boquete would profit the greatest from this cool and lush microclimate.

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