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    Light roast
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Behind the cup

Lesilasa comes from one of the trademarked coffee regions in Ethiopia with ideal conditions for coffee farming. This profoundly complex coffee strikes us with rich, juicy and tropical flavors–ideal for fans of punchy African coffees. 


Each coffee is roasted to order. Orders ship in 1-2 business days.


Farmlevel Story

Sidamo, named after the indigenous ethnic group the Sidama, is one of Ethiopia's three trademarked coffee regions (alongside Harrar and Yirgacheffe). With high altitudes of 1,550 to 2,200 meters above sea level, lots of rainfall and fertile soil, the conditions are ideal for farming. The region is filled with varying microclimates and soil types, making for stark differences between the coffees from town to town. They’re all unified with a profound complexity–which, when blended together at the local cooperative, is expressed in the resulting lots.  

Farming methods in Sidamo are primarily traditional and organic by default. Farmers typically use very few pesticides, if any at all, and all farm work is done manually – even processing. The farms often are intercropped to maximize land use and provide food for their families.  

Sidamo coffees are distinguished by three markings: grade, geographical letter designation, and an indication of whether they have been washed or unwashed. In addition to their geographical indications, subsequent markings may be added to convey quality and other information.   

Brewing Suggestions

All of our coffees can be brewed in various ways, designed for your perfect morning. These recipes are our favorite ways to highlight Lesilasa. Your brewing adventure starts here.

Verve's Coffee Department


  • Coffee 40g
  • Grind Med/Course
  • Water 600g
  • Ratio 1:15
  • Time 5:00


  • Coffee 22g
  • Grind Medium
  • Water 352g
  • Ratio 1:16
  • Time 3:30


  • Coffee 15g
  • Grind Med/Fine
  • Water 210g
  • Ratio 1:14
  • Time 3:00