Kii Peaberry

Rose · Blood Orange · Jammy


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Normal but not ordinary. The Peaberry variety is both of these things, as it stems from a coffee cherry mutation that grows a single, dense seed rather than an ordinary coffee fruit with two identical sides. Similarly, the Kii factory hails from the Rungeto cooperative society that is anything but ordinary in its own right. Despite sporting a modest number of three total factories, Rungeto is known for producing an astoundingly massive annual yield without compromising its quality standards. This lot from the Kii factory is especially lively as it holds a characteristically citric quality, accompanied by a jam-like mouthfeel, with rose aromatics akin to a tart dessert dish you ate while watching romantic comedies.

  • Bean Details

    Rungeto Farmers Cooperative Society






    SL28, SL24




    1850 - 1950 Meters


    November - March

    Tasting Notes

    Rose, Blood Orange, Jammy

  • Farmlevel Story


    Along the southern slopes of Mount Kenya a Cooperative society named Rungeto runs three factories: Kii, Karimikui and Kiangoi. These three factories are known across the world as being stellar producers of some of the best coffees coming out of any country, not just Kenya. Rungeto was created in 1953 and given the three high yield factories. Its entire production rivals some Coops that have many more factories, and they recently hired a third party organization to help them increase the yield three fold over the next few years.

    Peaberries are a natural mutation that occur in approximately 5% of coffee cherries which, otherwise, typically contain two identical seeds. During the dry-milling process, coffee bean size is measured with an assortment of screens with holes of varying diameters. Peaberries are graded and auctioned separately from their AA and AB counterparts.

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