Jairo Quiñones

Plum · Marmalade · Lasting

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A complex citrus acidity complements subtle stone fruit flavors making this award-winning Huila coffee impressively layered and lasting.

  • Bean Details

    Jairo Quiñones




    Pitalito, Huila


    Caturra, Colombia




    1500 - 1550 Meters


    November - January

    Tasting Notes

    Plum, Marmalade, Lasting

  • Farmlevel Story


    Due to higher solar radiation (read: warmth) seen between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, and warmer air’s ability retain moisture more effectively than cold air - Tropical climates can be characterized by distinct “wet” and “dry” seasons based on their orientation north or south of the equator.

    Such dependable conditions are ideal for the cultivation of coffee which blossoms following heavy rainfall and - 6 months later - ripe cherries are conveniently ready to be picked during the following dry season.

    Where this gets tricky is in countries like Colombia, situated barely north of the equator where coffee can harvest in the first semester (like southern hemisphere countries) or in the second semester (like northern hemisphere countries) or… Both.

    Representing the best of Huila’s second semester harvest, Jairo Quiñones’ was a finalist in Huila’s critically-judged and highly competitive “Best Cup” auction. Quiñones’ small farm Nueva Zelandia lies in the Pitalito municipality. Here his ripe Caturra and Colombia variety cherries are processed onsite in the typical Colombian fashion involving an 30 hour fermentation before drying for 13 days in his parabolic drier.

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