Costa Rica

Herbazu SL-28 Farmlevel Reserve

Pineapple · Anise · Toasted Coconut


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Each bag contains 226 grams (8 ounces) of whole bean coffee.

If you’re looking for the perfect balance between tropical and spiced, the search is over. This year’s Herbazu SL-28 encompasses the oasis of Costa Rica, notes of pineapple paired with toasted coconut hold their own next to the sweet spice of anise.

The parent variety of this cultivar is Bourbon and Typica.

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Costa Rica

    Tasting Notes

    Pineapple, Anise, Toasted Coconut


    Manuel Antonio "Tonio" Barrantes Zuñiga




    SL-28 (the SL is for Scott Laboratories)


    1,800 Meters


    December - February

    Neighboring Farms

    Helsar De Zarcero: Torrez and Sumava

    Years Purchased

    5 years

    Brew Method

    Kalita Wave

    Brew Ratio


    Brew Recipe

    Coffee: 20 grams
    Water: 300 grams
    Brew Time: 3:00 minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    Herbazu SL-28 exemplifies the best of both worlds: the bright pineapple sweetness lends to the coffee’s Costa Rican climate, while its forward anise herbaceousness mirrors Kenyan Coffees which is the home to this variety.

    This coffee can appeal to those who want the high acidity found in a Kenya coffee but love the profile of a clean, structured Costa Rican coffee.

    Scott Laboratories initially developed SL-28 in 1935 as a drought-resistant variety to help ensure Kenya remains a viable coffee producer during years of low rainfall. In modern Costa Rica, Tonio Barrantes experimented with new varieties and processes to discover that SL-28, beyond its drought resilience, yields an exceptionally high crop. Since he launched this project in 2008, over nine Costa Rican farms have adopted this variety.

    This coffee always surprises and changes dramatically between hot and cold temperatures and is a great example of how flavor profiles change, not only with variety but also with microclimates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great with KaliTa Wave

Really good cup of coffee with flavorful citrus like notes (at least for me). The recommended Kalita wave brew method with a 1:15 ratio with 20g coffee made for a consistently good cup. Great way to start the day or enjoy an afternoon break.


Herbazu [****]

Justin F.
Amazing coffee

Absolutely loving this coffee. Beautifully fruity, subtle tartness, with an almost coconut finish. Wish I would have ordered more

Herbazu SL-28 Farmlevel Reserve

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