Costa Rica

Helsar C. Alpizar

Rhubarb · Brown Sugar · Crisp


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Pairing the rugged sweetness of brown sugar with a crisp, rhubarb-like acidity; we’re delighted once more by one of our favorite West Valley micro mills.

  • Bean Details

    Carlos Alpizar


    Costa Rica


    Zarcero, West Valley






    1600 - 1700 Meters


    December - March

    Tasting Notes

    Rhubarb, Brown Sugar, Crisp

  • Farmlevel Story


    One of the original micro-mill revolutionaries, Ricardo Perez - along with his business partners, hermanos Marvin and Felipe Rodriguez - erected the famed Helsar de Zarcero, initially to mill their own farms’ coffees. It wouldn’t be long before neighboring small farmers sought out Perez’ dedication to quality and transparency. To this day, Helsar’s equipment and facility are known for processing stunning micro-lots from small farmers throughout the West Valley.

    The micro-mill revolution, as we know, came to be thanks to, A) farmers’ - like Ricardo’s - drive to produce better coffee and receive better, quality-based premiums made possible only with maximum transparency; and, B) the introduction of small-scale, resource-efficient processing equipment. It’s thanks to this processing equipment - in Helsar’s case, the Colombian-made Penagos Ecopulper - that coffees can be milled using a fraction (one-sixth, to be exact) of the water the traditional wet-process demands. As such, the “white-honey” process that this lot underwent - leveraging the Penagos’ “cheese-grater” -like demucilager - results in the crisp clarity and beaming acidity found in the cup.

    This caturra lot was farmed by Carlos Alpizar on the breezy slopes of the of the Poas volcano in Costa Rica’s West Valley.

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