Hario V60 Copper Coffee Dripper


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The Hario V60 Copper Coffee Dripper delivers a precise pourover experience. Built for speed, consistency, durability, and eye-candy this coffee brewer is everything you’ve come to expect from the Japanese manufacturer, Hario. Copper was selected for its excellent thermal conductivity. The beautifully polished copper construction enhances embossed swirls for optimal coffee extraction. We recommend pre-heating the cone for optimal coffee brewing results.

PRO TIP: Copper tends to heat up faster while maintaining the heat longer than other metals or glass, making this an ideal dripper for creating back-to-back cups.


  • Made in Japan
  • Model Size: 02
  • Copper body
  • Brass handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Evenly distributes heat
  • Antibacterial 
  • 1 - 4 cup capacity
  • 3.6” H X 5.5” W X 4.75” D