Halo Beriti

Lavender · Darjeeling · Delicate


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Delicately floral, this Southern Ethiopian gem boasts fresh lavender and a black tea-like elegance.

  • Bean Details

    Various Small Producers




    Halo Beriti Woreda, Gedeb District


    Ethiopia Heirloom




    1900 - 2200 Meters


    October - December

    Tasting Notes

    Lavender, Darjeeling, Delicate

  • Farmlevel Story


    Upon their delivery at a washing station (or “wet-mill”), ripe coffee cherries are first
    funneled into a massive hopper (usually with the help of a rake wielded by a bare-footed mill-worker) that leads them to a channel of water where they can be sorted based on their ability to sink or float. Next, newly sorted cherries exit the floatation channel into a machine (called a “de-pulper”) that effectively strips them of their fruit, exposing a final, gummy layer called “mucilage”. In select cases, coffee seeds then enter a “demucilager” that scrubs off said mucilage leaving them ready at last to be dried.

    What often gets left out is that this process, in most cases, happens in the middle of the night.

    Due to the vastness, topography and sub-optimal road conditions of areas like Southern Ethiopia; farmers drive for as many as 6 - 8 hours to hand-off their freshly-picked cherries to the mill that will process them. Since coffee cherries are harvested during the day, one might have to wait until twilight to see a mill in action. And that we did - at 2 am - while visiting the Hambela Estate where are processed lots farmed by the Halo Beriti community.

    Ideally situated in the Gedeb District, Halo Beriti farmers harvest coffee from as high as 2,200 MASL. It’s thanks to this, and the Hambela Estate’s meticulous standards and preparation that Halo Beriti is among our favorites of this season. 

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