Filtropa #4 Paper Coffee Filters


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Filtropa has been designing and manufacturing high-quality coffee filters since 1962. One of the leading suppliers in the paper coffee filter world, Filtropa’s environmentally-friendly filters are bonded without any glue or chemicals. Using an oxygen-based whitening process, these white coffee filters are completely chlorine-free. Each paper coffee filter is manufactured from a special compound paper that’s completely free of taste and smell that strengthens when wet. This Dutch paper coffee filter expertly holds coffee grounds while allowing water to steep through for a super clean cup.   

PRO TIP: Instead of tossing your spent coffee and filter in the trash, give acid-loving plants, like blueberry, hydrangea or azalea, a nutrient-rich soil snack.  


  • Made in Holland
  • Certified dioxin-free paper
  • Cone-shaped
  • Tabbed coffee filter
  • Paper approved by International FDA
  • 100 white paper filters per box
  • #4 size  

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