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Kiwi · Orange Sherbet · Lively


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Part of what Verve enjoys most about the specialty coffee movement, is the platform it provides to farmers who see opportunity in the unusual variations that nature so waywardly provides them with. Rodrigo Sanchez is a Colombian producer who has been able to harness one such serendipitous occurrence, resulting in “Pink Bourbon”--a coffee with unusually complex and unique flavors. Rodrigo’s craftsmanship this year provides a lively zing of kiwi acidity, and a distinctly bright orange-sherbet sweetness that speaks to his progressive and adventurous approach.

Bag Details: 8 oz. / Whole Bean

  • Bean Details

    Rodrigo Sanchez




    Acevedo, Huila


    Bourbon Rosa




    1670 - 1780 Meters


    November - January

    Tasting Notes

    Kiwi, Orange Sherbert, Lively

  • Farmlevel Story


    In an era where coffee was bought and sold based on bean shape and size, and the profitability of farmers - and their growing country as a whole - was directly related to productivity and ability to withstand pests, droughts, disease and other natural curveballs; it wasn’t uncommon for local agricultural ministries and the like to prescribe and advocate for the best way to do just that.

    Caturra was introduced to Colombia from Brazil in the 1980s followed shortly by the “Colombia” variety and the infamous, rust-resistant Castillo. Given it’s popularity in the interest of productivity and resisting the oft devastating leaf rust, banks were known to withhold loans from farmers not farming Castillo.

    Nearly thirty years later, in the height of the specialty coffee era, a small group of farmers in Southern Huila couldn’t help but notice a newly mutated variety that began to grow on their farms. Elegant, slender leaves; oval-shaped cherries containing long, narrow “long-berry” seeds and, most notably, cherries that ripened to an uncharacteristic pink hue indicated to farmers that these trees were something different from their resident varieties. Upon confirmation of its far superior cup profile, “Bourbon Rosa” would herald a new era in Colombian speciality coffee led by a new variety to call their own.

    Instrumental in the isolation and propagation of Bourbon Rosa, Rodrigo Sanchez represents one of several progressive and entrepreneurial farmers pushing the envelope and bringing their communities along with them. Towering over the municipality of Acevedo at 1730 MASL, his immaculate model farm Monteblanco is home to several hectares of Bourbon Rosa that Verve is beyond excited to help him share with the world.

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