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Cranberry · Cream Soda · Lively


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The Escobero farm is situated in Antioquia--a Colombian region rich with coffee history dating back over 180 years. But, as the third-wave movement shifts the industry’s tide from high quantity to high quality, Antioquia’s coffee culture is challenged to adjust its identity, and keep pace with the ever-changing times. The annual "Best Cup" auction was put in place as an aid in encouraging farmers--like Juan Gabriel Rivera Caro of El Escobero, which was voted the region's 2016 winner--to embrace this difficult transition. Juan Gabriel’s lot sports a lively cranberry and cream soda sweetness, representative of a complex taste more than worthy of today’s premium standards.

Bag Details: 8 oz. / Whole Bean

  • Bean Details

    Juan Gabriel Rivera Caro










    1890 Meters


    December - February

    Tasting Notes

    Cranberry, Cream Soda, Lively

  • Farmlevel Story


    One of the northernmost coffee-producing departments in Colombia, Antioquian coffee history dates back nearly 180 years. In a region historically fraught with turmoil - of the guerrilla and drug-trade variety - Antioquia has sustained itself as one of the larger-exporting departments of Colombia. Notwithstanding, it's reputation for quantity has not always been matched by its reputation for quality.

    Seated a few departments North of Cauca and Huila, Antioquia profits from the same Andean topography as Colombia's other coffee-producing regions but has lacked the education and access to markets to produce for a specialty clientele.

    The Antioquia "Best Cup" auction is one of several programs designed to spotlight Antioquian small farmers and promote coffee quality and we're ecstatic to be able to showcase the winning coffee of the 2016 event.

    Juan Gabriel Rivera Caro's modest 1 hectare caturra farm - El Escobero - sits at 1890 MASL in the municipality of Caicedo. Here, Juan processes his coffee in the typical Colombian fashion involving pulping and a 30 hour fermentation before drying in a parabolic drier.

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