El Tesoro Tabi

Pomegranate · White Grape · Agave


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What we love about coffee from Colombia, and this one, in particular, is the consistency of flavors as you drink it hot. However, it also meets you right where you’re at when you’ve forgotten about it on the counter and come back to it. Overall has pomegranate for those that enjoy fruit-forward coffees, the sweetness, and crispness of white grape and agave reminiscent of the toast and spread you just had. We comfortably recommend it for many different types of palettes.

Returning to the menu for the third year and just keeps getting better. It has a lot of balance that we love from a coffee but also tart sweetness. You get the best of mild florals, sweetness, and a syrupy finish. El Tesoro Tabi is recommended for those that like to fall in love with coffee.

Roast Level

Coffee Roasting Scale: 3

  • Coffee Details

    Victor Barrera




    Sinai, Huila



    Years of Purchase

    3 Years




    1700 Meters



    Tasting Notes

    Pomegranate, White Grape, Agave

    Brew Method

    Kalita Wave or Coffee Pot

    Brew Recipe

    Ratio: 1:16 for Kalita Wave and 1:12 for Coffee Pot
    Coffee: 23 grams (Kalita Wave) | 60 grams (Coffee Pot)
    Water: 368 grams (Kalita Wave) | 720 grams (Coffee Pot)
    Total brew time: 3:00 minutes (Kalita Wave) | Depending on the brewer, around 4-5minutes

  • Farmlevel Story


    Victor Berrera’s 4,500 Tabi shrubs are planted over 3.5 hectares growing at 1700 meters. El Tesoro is operated by Victor, his family, and as many as eight to 15 pickers from the local community, depending on the harvest’s size. When Victor Barrera started working in coffee production, he used to dry his coffees on the roof of his house. When we went to visit in 2019, he had just installed new greenhouse drying beds. This new installation allowed him to significantly increase the amount of coffee he could process at any given time, as well as help control drying times with easier access to the bed itself.

    Initially started by his father, who walked 30 kilometers from Huila to Palestina to find this farm, Victor continued tending to the farm and decided to continue growing coffee. Ten years ago, Victor’s father passed away and divided the farm between him and his siblings. The first decision Victor made was to change the varieties from Caturra and Typica to Tabi. He has several varieties of Tabi, including this lot of pink Tabi.

    Tabi is a variety developed by CENICAFE in Colombia. It’s a hybrid of Typica, Bourbon, and Timor varieties known to be slightly larger in seed size than other varieties found in Colombia. Developed by CENICAFE, the National Federation of Coffee growers’ (NFC) research and development center, in 2002, Tabi was introduced as an answer to coffee leaf rust. Even though it was meant to solve a larger problem, it also is known for its cup characteristics, and you can tell that when drinking it. The word tabi translates to “good” in the Guambiano, a native Colombian tribe dialect.

Customer Reviews

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Tyler T.

El Tesoro Tabi

Kelly S.

El Tesoro Tabi

Michael H.

El Tesoro Tabi

Wonderful Beans

This bag was great. I found that it did really well brewed in a chemex but shined in an aero press. I’ll be getting another bag soon.

Jace E.

El Tesoro Tabi

Gregory P.
Recent order

All good. Sent missing coffee ASAP

Jan D.D.
El Tesoro

I enjoy the flavor of the light brew and the tart is excellent. I grind it extra fine and make coffee on a single serving cezve and pour it into a demitasse cup. 7g coffee per 100 ml water.

Janina E.

El Tesoro Tabi

karl m.
Vibrant and smooth

the best of Kenyan fruit and Colombian smooth complexity.

Chris V.

El Tesoro Tabi

El Tesoro Tabi

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