Holiday Blend

A cup full of magic.


This years Holiday Blend highlights the warmth and whimsy that the holiday season brings. We tune into the present while savoring the intrinsic nostalgia of season, seeking beauty in the ordinary, delighting in the magic we find in the art, thoughts, ideas, memories, patterns and structures that surround us. The festive season invites us to tap into the present and relish moments of joy in the everyday.


Holiday Blend is a celebration of coffees from around the world, and a story of how we source our coffee. This year, we’ve sourced three different coffees that come together to create a magical experience in your cup. We blended a washed coffee from El Salvador with two coffees from Africa.

Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative in Indonesia
Rwacof Mill in Kigali, Rwanda
Ribang Gayo Musara Cooperative in Indonesia

Holiday Blend brings together some of our oldest relationships and brand new ones. From Farmlevel to Streetlevel, we aim to honor our long-standing partners and find new magical moments.