Gifts to keep you and yours warm and caffeinated this holiday season.


$25 & UNDER

The Sidebar (Coffee and Chocolate!)


What's better than sharing one sweet bean for the holidays? TWO sweet beans, of course! Spread some holiday fun with thie festive duo. It's one sweet deal!

The Dynamic Duo


The answer to all your gift-giving questions: incredible coffee and a perfect mug to drink it in. You’re welcome.



Make your campfire memories a little warmer with the Verve Rally Insulated Camp mug cup. Insulation means you won't burn your hands (or melt your face).

10 Years Strong Diner Mug


In case you didn’t hear, we’re celebrating 10 years in the coffee game. Join the party in our '10 Years Strong' diner mug.

The 4 Mile Tee Shirt


Things to do in our 4 Mile Tee: Skip 4 Miles, take a trip to 4 Mile beach, generally try to do as many "meta" things as possible. Take this comfy tee home with you and see what you can add to the list!

The Verve Heritage Beanie


Keeping warm never felt so cool (or looked so good!). Crafted by our friends at Known Supply, this beanie is the perfect combination of functionality, quality, and ethical sourcing.


$25 to $50

The Holiday Trio


If you're having trouble deciding between The Dynamic Duo and The Sidebar -- this is the bundle for you! Have your coffee (in a mug) and eat your chocolate, too, with the trio that has it all.

Verve Rally Crewneck


The Verve Rally crewneck sweater is an ultra soft tri-blend pullover which is sure to be a mainstay in your lineup.

Kalita Wave Dripper


The Kalita Wave dripper features a flat-bottom bed, for even and easy extraction every time. This brewing method, one preferred by our baristas, provides a fuller flavor and a balanced extraction that is less reliant on pour technique.

Hario V60 Range Server


Shaped like a beehive, the V60 Range Server (02) is made with heat resistant glass, which is perfect for making and serving fresh coffee with your V60. As with all Hario products, this is a high quality item that was made in Japan.


$50 to $100

The Classic Kit


You really can’t go wrong with this one. Every piece of this kit is functional, versatile, tried and true. For everyone from new to expert brewers, this kit just gets it done.

The Trekkie Kit


Take your coffee ritual on the road with the “Trekkie Kit.” Packable and durable, this is the perfect kit for those who love coffee and enjoy traveling light.

Fellow Stagg Kettle (2 Colors)

$69.00 - $79.00

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle’s beautifully functional design kicks your brewing up a notch. Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with Stagg’s precision pour spout.

Verve Tampers (2 Colors)


Verve branded tampers made by Reg Barber is the perfect tool for any barista. The tamper is made on a CNC lathe using aluminum and has a stainless steel base. Verve "V" branded up top.

Porlex Mini Grinder


Porlex is a Japanese company that specializes in food grinders. This grinder is very well made with a well thought out design. This is one of the most compact, useful grinders on the market.

Fellow Pour-over Set


The Stagg Pour-Over Set – consistently great coffee, less fuss. This set includes a durable tasting glass, dripper, and two packs of filters. The pour-over, perfected.


$100 & UP

The Fellow Pour-over Duo

FROM $130.00

This kit includes a Fellow Stagg Pour-over Kettle, a 12 oz. whole bean bag of Holiday Blend, and a Fellow Stagg [X] Pour-over set which includes the following: One dripper, one glass carafe, and two packs of filters.

The Home Barista Kit


The Home Barista Kit includes an Acaia Pearl Scale, a Verve Tamper made by Reg Barber, and a 12 oz. whole bean bag of our Holiday Blend.

Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle


Variable temperature control, optional Acaia Bluetooth app connectivity, and a stunning, minimalist design. The pour-over perfected.

Baratza Sette 270


The Baratza Sette brings more to the table than ever before. The innovative new Sette 270 features almost 300 grind settings, a brand new conical burr set, and a pass-through grinding system that leaves almost no retained coffee grounds behind.

Acaia Pearl Scale


Master the art of coffee brewing with the Acaia Pearl Scale - the only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee.

Chemex Brew Kit

From $160.00

Timeless, effortless, and cool, the Chemex is a staple in any homebrewers arsenal. Be totally set to entertain groups with your brewing abilities with this brewing kit. The classic pieces in this kit will set you up for coffee-making success for years to come.