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With the intensely sweet, malt-like qualities of a West Valley Costa Rican and the tropical fruit aromatics and vibrant citric acidity of a Kenyan, Herbazu SL-28 will satisfy all of your coffee dreams.


Developed in the 1930’s by Scott Laboratories on behalf of the Kenyan government, SL-28 would become one of three cultivars considered to be the trinity responsible for the productivity, disease resistance, and exceptional flavor profile characteristic of Kenyan coffee.

Fast forward seven decades and 120 degrees of longitude. Costa Rica was in the midst of a revolution. Farmer’s who had typically delivered harvested coffee cherries to cooperative wet mills were creating their own “micro-mills” in order to regain control of the coffees they were growing. Rather than passing them off, they were committed to processing and selling their coffees and establishing direct relationships with buyers.

Thanks to the entrepreneurial drive of the “Micro-mill Revolution,” farmers like Tonio Barrantes were eager to test new varieties and processes in the interest of marketing their coffee. In 2008, Tonio and friends introduced SL-28 to Costa Rica; an archetype of the experimentation and outside-of-the-box techniques stirred by the Micro-Mill Revolution and one of the most delicious Costa Rican coffees to date.

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