If you don’t own a V60, you can pick on up here.

Durable and compatible with most cups and carafes, the Hario V60 is ideal for single and double-cup brewing.

Requiring slightly more diligence in calibration, the wide opening can lend to fast brew times if the grind-size is not calibrated appropriately. That said, the added trouble is worth the endeavor for V60s are known to produce beautifully nuanced and clean brews.

Step 1

Measure out 20 grams of coffee (assuming a 1:15 ratio).

Grind it medium. We recommend a #14 on your Baratza Encore, #13 for a Virtuoso and #13b for your Preciso.

Step 2

Gather all your V60 componenets together. Make sure the brewer itself and the server or mug are clean. If your water is already hot, rinse the filter (the hot water will do the cleaning for you).

It’s common practice to rinse the rinse the filter to rid the filter of paper flavor, and heat the server. Load the coffee and make sure your water is at least 210˚ to bloom.

Step 3

Bloom time. Pour 30 grams of water into the bed of coffee, saturating the entirety. Allow to expand for 30 seconds.

Pro Tip

Pour in concentric circles to evenly agitate all the coffee and control water direction under the surface of the slurry.

Don’t forget to get close to the bed!

Step 4

Pour another 100 grams of water (for a total of 130g) and let it drip ‘til 1:15.

Step 5

Pour another 100 grams of water (for a total of 230g) and let it drip ‘til 2:00.

Step 6

Pour another 70 grams of water (for a total of 300g) and let it drip ‘til 3:30.

Enjoy in good company

Known for influencing the flow and movement of the coffee through the filter with it's spiral shaped ribs, the V60 took pour-over coffee to a new level and did so in a very exciting and almost obsessive way. This is the OG pour over.

The V60 brought to the market what flat bottomed conical pour-over devices were failing to deliver: a consistent flow-through, and an even and completely symmetrical coffee filter and bed. This is a fun brewer that experienced brewers should definately have in thier line-up.