If you don’t own a Kalita Wave, you can pick on up here.

Bridging the gap between the oft-finicky percolation methods, and the reliable and repeatable full-immersion brewers; the Kalita Wave enables the range of flavor of a cone-dripper with nearly the fool-proofness of a press.

Using a proprietary filter, the Kalita Wave forms nearly a cylindrical column of coffee facilitating an even and uniform extraction.

Requiring a few more tools, the Kalita is best-suited for brewing in the kitchen and can serve one to two servings per brew.

Step 1

Measure out 25 grams of coffee (assuming a 1:15 ratio).

Grind it medium. We recommend a #15 on your Baratza Encore, #14 for a Virtuoso and #14b for your Preciso. You can really dial in your grind to your liking based on taste and specs.

Step 2

Gather all your Kalita components together. Make sure the brewer itself and the server or mug are clean. If your water is already hot, rinse the filter (the hot water will do the cleaning for you).

It’s common practice to rinse the rinse the filter to rid the filter of paper flavor, and heat the server. Load the coffee and make sure your water is at least 210˚ to bloom.

Step 3

Bloom by pouring 30 grams of water into the bed of coffee, saturating the entirety. Allow to expand for 45 seconds.

Pro Tip

Pour in concentric circles to evenly agitate all the coffee and control water direction under the surface of the slurry.

Step 4

Pour another 115 grams of water (for a total of 145g) and let it drip ‘til 1:30.

Step 5

Pour another 105 grams of water (for a total of 250g) and let it drip ‘til 2:30.

Step 6

Pour another 125 grams of water (for a total of 375g) and let it drip ‘til 3:30.

Enjoy in good company

Most folks here at Verve have a Kalita in our kitchens, trunks, backpacks, and boardbags. They come in a few sizes, and they’re all consistent, indestructable, and a good campsite-strainer. Never leave home without one.