Costa Rica

Sumava Lactico Natural Farmlevel Reserve

Natural Wine · Pomegranate · Pomelo


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Each bag contains 226 grams (8 ounces) of whole bean coffee.

Right on the nose, you’ll notice a sweet floral that prepares you for this exciting and lively coffee. Pomegranate brings us a flavor similar to a skin contact wine, followed by sweetness. A tart pomelo in the body leans into a more citrus-forward profile—all finishing with a sparkling mouthfeel that quenches the palette.

Lactic processing has incorporated natural wine production practices with how coffee is processed. Those who want a juicy mouthfeel, natural sweetness, and crisp and sparkling acidity will enjoy this experimentally processed coffee.

Roast Level

  • Coffee Details

    Costa Rica

    Tasting Notes

    Natural Wine, Pomegranate, Pomelo


    Francisco Mena


    Anaerobically Fermented Natural




    1670 - 1780 Meters


    January - April


    Lourdes de Naranjo, West Valley

    Years Purchased

    Two years

    Brew Method


    Brew Recipe

    In: 19.2 grams of coffee
    Time: 23-24 seconds
    Out: 40-45 grams of coffee

  • Farmlevel Story


    Anaerobic or lactic processing has a memorable name at Sumava. When Fransico first started doing anaerobic fermentation, his team coined this coffee “Lactico Galactico.” This fantastic offering is truly nothing short of a scientific experiment that yielded some of the best cupping experiences we’ve had to date. Upon picking ripe cherries, they are placed in small bags (of a handful of cherries) then are placed into large buckets (similar to wine barrels) where they are rotated for 36 hours to ferment. In these barrels is where the sugars in the coffee cherry act as food for yeast and bacteria, starting fermentation. This practice has been common in Natural wine, but over the last few years has been seen more and more in specialty coffee. After fermenting, cherries are de-pulped, washed, and laid to dry on raised beds. The result is what marks this cup as extraordinary.

    At Sumava, Francisco Mena grows a cross-hatch of cypress trees planted to protect against the fierce winds that sway between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Francisco Mena grows varieties such as Caturra, Gesha, SL-28, and Villasarchi.

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Shinyi H.

Sumava Lactico Natural Farmlevel Reserve

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Sumava Lactico Natural Farmlevel Reserve

Sumava Lactico Natural Farmlevel Reserve

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